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Features and Uses of Geomembrane

May. 21, 2021

Geomembrane is mainly divided into two categories: HDPE film and LDPE Film. High-quality polyethylene resin is selected as the raw material. The geomembrane uses plastic film as the impermeable base material and is composited with non-woven fabric. The impermeability of the film mainly depends on the impermeability of the plastic film.

In fact, in many places, groundwater will constantly seep upwards due to some water pressure problems, which may lead to some major offline situations in many houses. So in order to prevent this kind of problem, some older-style The method is to lay a foundation through some waterproof membranes. In this way, a waterproof effect can be achieved, but the waterproof effect of this material is not particularly significant, so I will slowly use the geomembrane. Kinds of products. Geomembrane products will become very common in more and more construction industry fields.

LDPE Geomembrane

LDPE Geomembrane

In addition, the effect of the use of Geomembrane is actually very significant. Different places use this material differently. For example, in some large-scale buildings, a special purchase may be made for this material. At this time It is relatively convenient to use, and there is no need to worry about it when laying, it will take a lot of time, including some mechanical and material welding in different projects, and it will be more relatively Easy and convenient.

The application in life is very extensive, because the application of this material is more common in our lives, then this material may have a stronger corrosion resistance, and the geomembrane and strength and toughness may be relatively Good, so in terms of wide application, it is necessary to promote the corrosion performance of a sewage treatment plant, because it has a relatively large resistance to water pressure, and when the dam is built, it is also necessary to ensure that it has a good protection The role of dams.

1.Take the landfill site as an example. The anti-seepage construction of the geomembrane of the landfill site is the core of the whole project. Therefore, the anti-seepage construction must be under the joint supervision of Party A, the design institute, and the supervisor, in close cooperation with the civil construction. Complete with cooperation.

2. The anti-seepage materials used in the project must meet the design requirements.

3. The basic level of civil construction must meet the design requirements.

4. The mechanical equipment for material construction must also meet the requirements.

5. The construction personnel must be skilled at work.

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