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The Main Functions of Geotextiles

Jun. 29, 2021

Geotextiles are a geosynthetic material that has grown in popularity over the past 15 years. The success of this material in over 80 applications is largely due to its resistance to biodegradation. Here are the functions of geotextiles shared by Geomembrane Suppliers to help you

PE Smooth Geomembranes

PE Smooth Geomembranes

Geotextiles are indeed textiles, but not in the traditional sense. They are not natural materials such as cotton, wool or silk. Geotextiles are synthetic fibers that can be made into flexible, porous, non-woven, needle-punched fabrics. They have varying degrees of permeability to water flow. Because of their wide variety, they can be used in at least five different ways.

1. Separation

Geotextiles prevent two layers of soil of different particle sizes from mixing with each other

2. Drainage

Geotextiles will effectively collect excess water in the soil, such as rainwater or surplus water, and drain it.

3. Filtration

Geotextiles are the ideal interface for reverse filtration in the soil near the geotextile. In all soils, water allows fine particles to move. Some particles will stop at the filter interface; some will stop inside the filter and the rest will enter the sewer. The complex pinhole structure of the geotextile retains the fine particles without reducing the permeability of the drain.

4. Reinforcement

Heavy-duty geotextiles can be used to reinforce geotechnical structures with fillers. Geotextiles are an ideal reinforcement solution due to their high coefficient of friction and high tensile strength.

5. Protection

Geotextiles are an ideal protection against erosion of geotechnical embankments due to wave action, water flow or repeated falls. A layer of geotextile can be placed to prevent leaching of detailed materials. They can be used on rocky tidal flats or mattress structures. They can even be easily placed underwater.

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