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Coated Fibreglass Geogrid Composite Nonwoven

Coated Fibreglass Geogrid (FG) Composite Nonwoven Geotextile By Glue is manufactured from a glass fiber, knitted, bi-oriented grid, coated with a bituminous solution and Nonwoven Geotextile, bonded to the Fiberglass Geogrid with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

  • Product Description

Product Description


Coated Fibreglass Geogrid Composite Nonwoven

Product functions

According EN 1 5381 –Geotextiles and geotextile related products R + STR + B

R=reinforcement = reinforce the bituminous layer, stopping and controlling the cracking process
STR= stress relief = function provided by a bitumen-saturated paving fabric (non-woven or purpose built composite) which, when is properly installed between a road surface and a new asphalt overlay allows for slight differential movements two layers and thus provides stress relief, which delays or arrests crack propagation in the asphalt overlay
B= interlayer barrier = function provided by paving fabrics,which act in conjunction with a bitumen layer as a barrier to the ingress of water and thus prevent or delay the deterioration of the pavement.

Product Applications

It can widely apply in the water conservation, the municipal administration, the building, the transportation, the subway, the tunnel, the environmental protection and so on.

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