Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)
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Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL)

Geosynthetic clay liner(GLC)is a kind of special used for artificial lake water, landfill, underground garage, the roof garden, pool, oil and chemical storage area such as seepage prevention of geosynthetic materials.

  • Product Description

Product Description

It is made of high dilatability of sodium base bentonite filling between the special composite geotextile and non-woven fabric, with acupuncture law into bentonite seepage control pad can form many small fiber space, is bentonite particles can not be like a direction, when under the influence of water within the mat forming uniform density of colloidal membrane, prevent the leakage of water.

Application fields:

Base liner applications under roads, railways,

Containment for ground tank farms, dams, canals, ponds, rivers and lakes.


1. Good waterproof capacity, sodium bentonite can form a gel layer which does not permit the penetration of water

2. It has strong ability to fit the uneven sedimentation well.

3. Good water-keeping and self-fix capacity

4. Permanent waterproof capacity, sodium bentonite is natural inorganic mineral material, there is no corrosion and age happened to sodium bentonite

5. Sodium bentonite is harmless to human being and environment.

6. Easy operation, it can be fixed in nail and gasket, it can reduce the building time greatly.

Product Parameter

Test PropertiesNational StandardStandardTest Standard
Geosynthetic Clay Expansion Index≥24 ml/2g≥25 ml/2gASTM D5890
Mass Per Unit Area(g/m2)≥4800 g/m2≥4800 g/m2ASTM D5993
Tensile Strength≥6 kN/m≥8 kN/mASTM 4632
Maximum Load Elongation≥10%≥10%ASTM 4632
Permeability≤5*10(-9)≤5*10(-9)ASTM D5084
Moisture Content≤15%≤15%ASTM D4643
Peel Strength≥40 N≥65 NASTM D4632
Hydrostatic Pressure0.4 Mp0.4-0.6 MpASTM D5891

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