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HDPE geomembrane with textured surface

HDPE has excellent temperature property of temperature adaptability, property of welding, bearing climate, anti-erosion, anti-crack and anti-puncture. As the leakage material, therefore particularly suitable for the construction of underground, mining, landfill, sewage or dregs disposal.

  • Product Description

Product Description

HDPE geomembrane with textured is a new type of anti-leakage products, its one side textured and both sides textured can increase its coefficient of friction and function of preventing leakage, especially used in anti-leakage in slope and vertical surface in order to enhance its stability.


One side textured, both sides textured, raised point anti-leakage and leg-clamp method

Product Specifications

Thickness: 1.0-3.0mm

Roll width: 4-8m

Roll length: According to user's requirements

Item \ valueTensile strength MpaElongation %Friction coefficient
Traditional textured geomembrane≥11≥1000.4
HDPE anti-skid point geomembrane≥28≥3000.8
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