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Polyester geogrids

Polyester Geogrid is a new type of geotechnical material to strengthen the subgrade. The geogrid is made of high strength polyester industrial filament, warp knitting oriented grid fabric and PVC coating. It is mainly used in soft soil foundation treatment and reinforcement of subgrade, dyke and other projects.

  • Product Description

Product Description

Product use

1. It is used for reinforcing soft soil subgrade of highway, railway and municipal road, which can increase the strength of subgrade and reduce the reflection crack of road.

2. In water conservancy projects, the reinforcement of dams and river channels can strengthen the soft soil foundation and increase the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation.

3. It is used for reinforcing embankment slope, retaining wall, strengthening overall strength, and strengthening soft soil foundation such as highway, railway and water conservancy.

Construction method

The grid should be laid on the coarse-grained stone of the asphalt layer of the construction road surface. The original road surface should be leveled first, and then the construction should be carried out after finishing, trimming and cleaning. The ordinary grid needs to be fixed with special steel nails. The joint should be more than 5cm in transverse direction and 10cm in longitudinal direction. Asphalt treated geogrid should be laid with less asphalt tack coat oil. The self-adhesive geogrid should be constructed by rubber wheel roller After moderate rolling, asphalt mixture can be paved and compacted without fixing with specific steel nails.

Biaxial type

PropertyTest MethodPET20-20PET30-30PET40-40PET50-50PET60-60PET80-80PET100-100PET110-110PET120-120PET150-150PET180-180PET400-400
Ultimate tensile strength (kN/m)MD203040406080100110120150180400
Elongation at maximum load (%)MDEN ISO 1013913
Approximate mesh size(mm)12.7x12.7 25.4x25.4 40x40
Roll Width (m)1-6
Roll Length(m)50-200

Uniaxial type

Ultimate tensile strength(1) (kN/m)MD25353030303030303030303030
Elongation at maximum load (%)MDEN ISO 1013913
Approximate mesh size(mm)12.7x12.7 25.4x25.4 40x40
Roll Width (m)1-6
Roll Length(m)50-200
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