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Steel Plastic Geogrid

The steel plastic composite geogrid use high tensile steel wire (or other fiber) specially coated with polyethylene (PE) and other assistants. Then squeeze it out and make it become composite high-strength anti-pull belt and the surface has rough embossing. It is ultra-sonic welded network geogrids for earthwork reinforcement.

  • Product Description

Product Description


High-strength steel plastic uniaxial ( Vertical) geogrid

Vertically Limited-Rally(KN/m)>305080100120150
Vertically Limited elongation ratio(%)W333333
Elongation at 1% of the Rally(KN/m)N2338638198125

High-strength steel-plastic biaxial ( Vertical and horizontal) geogrid

Two-way Limit-Rally(KN/m)m30456080100120
Two-way Limit elongation(%)W333333
Elongation at 1 % of the Rally(KN/m)2233648638198

Product Features

1. High tensile strength compared to PP extruded biaxial Geogrid and low creep deformation;

2. Anti-corrosive, long service life suitable for acid or alkline enviroments.

3. Steel Plastic composite geogrid has lower unit weight compare to traditional steel grids which is easy for installation. The steel plastic composite geogrids are designed for permanent projects with service life more than 100 years.

4. Steel plastic composite geogrid acheives same enhancement but decreasing 10%-50% total costs.

Production Function

Steel Plastic Composite Geogrid is applied widely in

  1. Railway,
    2. Bridge,
    3. Dock,
    4. High retaining walls and dam
    5. Soft soil subgrade and avoid reflective crack of road surface.

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